Sat, 02 Feb
"In the gun game, we R the most hunted. Where is the raised voice of black America? Why R we mute?"#HarryBelafonte #GunControlHitsBlkAmerica

New Report: Challenging The Status Quo

To make sure that at least 20 percent of Black males have a college degree by 2020, we need to move beyond merely getting Black males into college. We need proactive strategies to prepare them to compete at a university that has a record of retaining and graduating Black males.

In Challenging the Status Quo, Toldson and Lewis reveal how states, districts and schools conspire to educationally malnourish some of the nation’s schoolchildren. Their PREPS framework shifts attention away from measuring students to measuring the commitment of policymakers and K-12 practitioners to expand public school students’ access to a certified and experienced teaching force, college-preparatory courses in math and science, and a fair shot at opportunity.



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Angry. Violent. Irresponsible. Thug. Gangster. Baby Daddy. Tired of seeing the same negative stereotypes of Black men in the media? We all are.

Now let's do something about it.

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